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What's Cooking in a Time of CoronaVirus

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While I did a lot of cooking as a child, I became "too busy" and burnt out as a mother to make my childhood favorites for my own children..until last week. I can't stop cooking now and we play dress up nightly and have, "Rose Bloom Thorn.." now cooking is becoming my daily rose and my children's too.

Rose: Happiest thing in day

Thorn: most challenging one


Bloom: what we look forward to (keeping hope alive)

It can be as simple as playing hide and seek tomorrow or reading a favorite book tonight or deep hope of what's to come "when this is all over"...

I LOVE keeping hope alive and am listening to a lot of Sat Nam Kaur but I am also honest: this is testing me, A Lot.

It's a new normal and as my patience gets more exhausted, my support of mothers, friends and loved ones also increase, even if at a distance. I am accessing such rich support and I am so deeply grateful!

I have been venting on how I have had to let go of being the perfect mother.. we have all had a few breakdowns in a few days.. I have definitely struggled to keep my calm, So I continue to let go and ask for help, even when I can't physically hug a friend..they still come to me through their wisdom and grace and often through humor and a glass of wine.

In terms of parenting and food advice, my friend Sarah, who is deeply wise said:

"Parenting = greatest challenge. Greatest privilege.

Not for faint of heart.

AND we need our courage to truly gift our children by not slowly dying as we forever disconnect from our inner needs only to be fulfilling theirs.

Our children need to fall so they too can grow up to be fully formed Beings of Light filled with empathy, love, courage and strength. This is how they gain their tools. It goes without saying that they are receiving the love they deserve whether we are or not...we are old enough to know that our love is only so full as our love for own Being is true xxx"

AND from Sarah's Healing Kitchen to Yours:

I feel she is happy to connect with you about specific questions and her information is at the bottom here..she is full of information that can serve us well..Thank you for sharing Sarah and staying connected!

With Love, Light, and Deep Breaths.


Immune Strength Matters

This Virus Hates Garlic, Ginger, Frankincense, Lavender, Heat, SunDaily Habits:


1-3 cloves raw garlic, pressed out of skin with clean knife, smash each clove with flat side of the knife, such that garlic clove opens up and within 1-2 minutes the allicin count will be at its highest, meaning that is the point in time when the antiviral and antimicrobial agents are most potent. Then with glass of hot water to hand, pop the bits of smashed cloves into your mouth and chew for as long as possible before washing down with drinking water that is as hot as you can manage. Do this in the morning before consuming any other food or beverage.

KIDS: same as above but add Raw Local Honey as well. The honey is antiviral, antibacterial etc and nature’s natural antihistamine (raw and local is important – don’t go for manuka from New Zealand) AND it will allow your child to take it down with a smile! My kids do this knowing that they are doing their part in keeping our entire home healthy and vibrant. I go for the community angle and the kids feel empowered.

Meal Times: chuck garlic into everything!

Breakfast – Sautee loads of garlic in ghee with eggs and herbs de Provence. Serve over sourdough toast. Remember dried medicinal herbs kick the ass of viruses too! (thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage, lavender).

Lunch – bake cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, onion, ginger, and garlic in an abundance of coconut oil. Coconut oil is antiviral and it’s wonderful for the metabolism. Add in olives, sundried tomatoes, artichokes. Top with an animal protein or nuts/seeds, or both! Add loads of nutritional yeast – good to amp up our B-vitamins!!!! Consider topping raw fresh chopped onion to the top of your dish and more immunity-boosting dried herbs. Raw onion has the greatest amounts of absorbable vitamin C when freshly cut in the moment that you will enjoy your meal.

Dinner – sautée onion and garlic in loads of coconut oil. Boil carrots, celery in a separate pot with water and or bone broth, dried medicinal herbs add spices of ginger and turmeric – both great with Mediterranean herbs and incredibly effective in kicking out bugs immediately, building long-term immune strength. Add your choice of grass-fed or free range organic meats; do not eat wild meats especially from deer at this time (typically I would advise to consume wild game; however, wild dear meat is not advised right now). Mix onions, garlic, coconut in if you haven’t already. Then add in greens such as kale, chopped broccoli etc. Serve up and top off each bowl with minced chard and /or spinach to wilt; this saves the greens from becoming over-cooked. Easy to have fresh greens with leftover stew over the next day(s) too. Enjoy this family-pleaser that will boost over-all health immediately.

Adults – add cayenne. Other peppers are problematic for our health; cayenne is excellent for our health however. Add more ginger powder too!

**I am typically 80% plant based. I have started to eat more good quality animal product raised to the highest integrity. This is a time to be rooted like a mountain. It is not a time to fast. In fact, our greatest health comes forth when we listen to the calling of our body versus living to a prescribed set of rules. We must feel!

Another food note – I have been cooking all foods. Raw foods might not be best these days, as there is still no certainty around the timeframe COVID-19 survives on food. Raw foods which we are eating all have an outer protective shell, skin or coating such as avocados, bananas, mangos, onion, garlic etc.


Stir powdered ginger into a hot glass of water and drink constantly throughout the day.

Chew on raw or dried ginger throughout the day. Juice fresh raw ginger 1-3x / day. Use the pulp to chew on throughout the day. Chew on a pinch of this ginger pulp before going to bed

See above for a few meal options good for the entire family.

Coconut Oil

Cook everything in coconut oil. Be sure your coconut is raw, organic, first cold pressed and unrefined. Dr Bronners is a good clean brand and comes in a glass jar too.

Use coconut oil to make tasty little treats for the kids (and yourself). Just be sure the treats are packed with nutritional goodness; I can send ideas if there is interest. The kids and I baked tahini cacao cookies today with zero sugar.

Swish 1-2 TBSP of coconut oil in your mouth to kill viruses. Good to swallow too.

Stir into hot water (or bone broth) along with ginger and cayenne powder.


This virus hates heat!

Drink hot water

Hot Tea

HOT Bone broth

Lay in the sun with no sunscreen. Do not block the UVs.

Have the kids running outside in the sunshine. Cuddle with the kids in the sun. Sitting in a sauna is not the same; the sun is a healer. Slather coconut oil all over body. This increases heat absorption, it does not burn the skin either but is very good for the skin. Coconut oil is antiviral as well so soak hands in this and save them from the excessive hand washing.

**yes, the sun gives us wrinkles...who cares?! Aging is a privilege. Wrinkles give us character.

Essential Oils

Frankincense – I feel strongly that this virus hates Frankincense. I am drip dropping Frankincense in our mouths! 1-3 x per day and at bedtime




** Drip drop any of the above into hot water for drinking. Drip drop on clothing, bedding. Use for cleaning. Drop on dryer sheets or cloth balls; dry clothing on high heat with these oils. All clothing you wore out and about but do not want to wash simply toss into the dryer with oils as above.

In addition to the oils listed above, tea tree and grape fruit seed extract, lemon are great for cleaning our kids bathtubs out, making cleaning sprays and your own hand sanitizers. These are all antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.

Also, the essential oils below are good for clearing airways and most are antiviral as well as antibacterial. I always have atleast three jars of wild herbs de provence and put a tablespoon(s) over our food as they are so gorgeous to ingest and raise our vibration by instantly clearing what does not serve us.






Supplements for Immune Strength

This list is something I have worked on for decades, as I healed myself from a virulent immunosuppressant condition that nearly killed me – these are extremely potent supplements to boost you and your family’s immunity.

Nano Ojas (6 sprays 2x min per day held under tongue for 10 seconds)

Argentyn 23 (1-3 TBSP per day)

MSM flakes (1-2 Tspn per day)

B vitamins (I love Max B-ND and B12-ND both liquids by Premier Research Labs)

D3 + K2 (as liquid and go for 10,000+IU per day)

EPA / DHA (as liquid from seaweed if possible)

Probiotic (over 9 strains and 100 billion+)

Sea Salt – source a sea salt that has not been processed and has iodine intact and the full 72 trace minerals. This is harder to find then you might think and is worth every effort BECAUSE salt is actually a super food! Most Himalayans are stripped of our vital nutrients and are completely devoid. Premier Research Labs sells a good salt.

Zinc (liquid is best)

Vitamin C as Ascorbate work up to 1-3 tspn daily or 4,000-12,000mg+

Astragalus – very effective in maintaining respiratory health

The brand Standard Process has great immune building herb products such as:

Epimune Complex



There is a lot of information here. I am available to speak with anyone about the above practices or medicinal living in general. We are not alone here I have so much more to share and could easily fill 20 pages. Most of the above might not be new to you, but I am guessing that a few areas will pop out and provide you and your loved ones with needed added support. Please call me with any questions. Immune strengthening has been a large part of my background and I am passionate about everyone accessing his / her full and vibrant health. I love you all!

PS – palo santo is a member of the frankincense family. It has been a favourite wherever I have inhabited for decades. I always have one in my travel bag! Spirit has me gently burning this lovely medicinal wood all day. It envokes clearing, grounding and peace. Please open windows (particularly if you add sage burning) so that the energy can flow.

Sarah xxx

Sarah’s Healing Kitche

Website coming soon

IG @sarahxjenkins

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