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To Do (Or Not to Do) This Weekend and Beyond

Photo by Nicole C Berry in my Fairy Chair: Styled by Alice Brophy, Hair by Xavier Scordo, Makeup by Lisa Bassler

I have gotten so many "what are you doing?" in this time off Social Distancing

(being known for always doing something...)

I am about to receive my babies back for the week today so I wanted to get these tools out before I focus on being Mary Poppins pre Miss Hannigan

Photo Credit @decoratedcookie

After receiving this from mama friends and after that giggle and a bit of panic,

I turned back inward to some tools in my tool box:

I would love to share them with you before homeschool day 1 starts.. Meditate in a Time of Emergency:

Sam Harris The Waking Up Course

Take 10 minutes or longer (if that resonates) to listen to this soothing scientist Jim introduced me to Sam Harris..we have taken 10 minutes to meditate daily and it has truly weathered so many storms already Siddhi Yoga (and so much more) This is the woman who sat with me for years, holding space for tears to clear during pregnancies and post babies...listening to mother’s guilt, past pain, and moving me through it all with patience, honesty, compassion, love, laughter and a safe space to be. She can do privates online..I did a reminder course last night (via Face Time) and she still spreads the fragrance of her peace by computer…

Photo by my sister Lily Hahn

and some more magic..


is relaunching her website soon but you can find her now


She is doing free 20 minute sessions now and has an amazing grounding mediation and offers so Many other brilliant tools We spoke today she said, "Offerings from community are many people are willing to offer their time and Deep knowledge to others in need right now"

We spoke at 11:11 today and she is clear and positive and ready to rise.

And Gianna De La Torre At home facials with ancient healing stone:

Gua Sha and that oil was divine.. and intuitive sessions Found these wild precious angels through my dear friends Mary and Lucy Firestone. They are Light in our community and in our world. I am in love with their retreats and their spirits. Thank you Mary and Lu. Naada and the Firestone Sisters also suggested:

Dr. Joe Dispenza's course about Rewiring I can't wait to sign up:)

Also moving through all the stress in our bodies can be so liberating. I LOVE Whitney Hoover (Also brought to me by the Firestone Earth Angels..and loved doing her LIVE at home powerful to see my friends pop up..)

Whitney will be streaming videos soon..stay tuned Love how she moves everything toxic out of my body and it’s so fun to dance with her..her smile and bright light is infectious.

Dance!!!! SB DANCE ARTS They are doing online courses too for adults and babes..we will try that this week..

I love a good Zumba to shake sillies out..we do A LOT of free dance at our home and it's almost time to get my babes...wish me luck!


So hard to not give more but we can still send online care packages to those we miss and love...

Babes and I want to make a lot of cards and for charities, my sister Rose who is such a communal force suggests:

Food Banks: In Santa Barbara

United Way WEV CALM


Direct Relief

World Central Kitchen

National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics Thank you Rose..such a light

With Eternal Light, Love and Gratitude,


Isa Bird Garden..back to the peace trees peace out xo Belle

If you can't touch any one in the open air, you can still smile...also contagious.

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