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SocialLight: Spreading the Light in a Time of Social Distancing

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Photo Credit: Kim Reier

It’s the first day of Spring and

The Time is Now…

Spring Forward

Time to continue growing the garden

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

Time to believe in the future

To go within if we have to go without

To Co manifest even if we can’t

Co mingle.

We can still Co Create

I have been looking for a platform to launch my inner wisdom to yours for a long time. Why did I wait? I’ve been “too busy” (aren’t we sick of that phrase yet?) at parties and events, doing my philanthropic work, travelling with friends and my love, as I also focused on “conscious uncoupling” while running from play date to play date with my divine cherubs.

I don’t judge myself in this pattern (lots of it was a blast!) but it was a pattern. Fortunately I was also doing a lot of self work too and with that, I co-wrote a script with two amazing women, served on Lotusland’s board where I was a bridge of fashion and spirituality, and focused on being the best mother I could be under all of these chosen circumstances.

Somewhere along this pattern and path, I was deemed a philanthropic socialite,

“Belle of the Ball.” I’m not one to love a label, except for those in my closets of course, so here I’ve decided to take my power back and restate socialite to SocialLight.

Now the time is clearer than ever: It’s time to spread a different light, knowing it is and was always the same light I intended to spread. I love people; I love giving back. Philanthropy has been in my family my whole life and I don’t ever intend to stop giving. I am for now, stopping “doing.” I have been imprisoned to the Self and I can’t wait to see what this Surrender unfolds. So here I am, From Belle of the Ball to Belle of the Blog. My very own web site that I intend to be a vessel for my own downloads from the Universe and also a space for communal sharing in a time of physical social disconnect.

Join me as we all seek our inner SocialLight, seeking and spreading the Divine Light in a time of social distancing...

In Divine time and with Love, Belle



I would never suggest that I launched this women are always to blame..

Jenny Kramer, my amazing editor in chief, who never edits my spirit but helped me launch my words in the physical world of writing: I adore, respect and cherish your friendship and partnering in writing and showing me the way. Jennifer Blaise Kramer

Alice in Wonderland (also known as Alice Brophy) who bought my "domain" for me...

I thought it had to do with ruling a kingdom..this internet thing is a curious place to learn..

She has beautifully styled those around her for years, bringing out their essence..never taking it away. @alicebrophy

Jim, the Gem (as my mother named him) my technologically genius partner..I now understand what you do:

Product man: Thank you! LOVE!!!

This is dedicated to all of those that have paved my light are my leaders. You know who you are and I acknowledge each of you and want to continue to do so on this Blog or whatever we are calling this website (oh the web we weave.....)

All of you who may choose to "follow me" ...know I am truly following you in this Awakened time, and I pray those in any pain or suffering find a moment in relief in reading this, and knowing you are never alone.

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