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PS...And Another Breath

In the words of my mother, "Take a breath. Take another breath. Take 6 more breaths..."

Her mantra (probably for herself during parenting), her children, and the world...

She still speaks of the power of breath daily, and we all need it more than ever now...literally to live and to function in this "New Normal"

My sister Lily sent me this photo...

Mom says I was "working on my Hollywood smile," but I think I was also trying to follow her "take a breath advice" and may have been holding it instead...

My friend, Sarah, who offered food healing wisdom (and many have reached out to say they are using more garlic, ginger and frankincense)..also had a download on the time is now to fully deepen our breath work. In her sharing spirit, she says, "I feel this may bring a sense of calm and empowerment to many…

So thank you Sarah..and any others wanting to offer their Divine Intelligence or just a funny story or recipe at this time...I will have to speak with some tech genius on how to open up comments/suggestions as many have offered privately to me and I am so grateful! We are all here to share and help each other however we can.

And Another Breath out with another post released .

Onward to Sarah:

It’s Time to Breathe Our Deepest Fullest Breath We have become a society of non-breathers. Nonsense! Of course, we are breathing otherwise we would not be here reading this right now! Yes, AND our collective breath has increasingly come from the sympathetic nervous system – the fight or flight response. Teaching our children and one another how to breathe correctly, deeply and fully - with our diaphragm - is one of the most important life skills we can gift one another. The good news is that it is what our body wants so it’s really about remembering how to breathe fully! We need to relearn how to breathe our deepest fullest breath now so that we can help those who will suffer from COVID-19 to hopefully recover and to stay out of over-stretched hospitals. Try this: Breathe into your belly, into your diaphragm, then ribs, feel the entire circumference of your torso fill with your breath – prana – and up into your chest. Hold for a beat. Then slowly exhale moving back down through your chest, feel your ribs coming in, diaphragm releasing and tummy becoming hollow. Remember the above when you or a loved one is panicked, frightened, having an anaphylactic attack, traumatised, wired from over stimulus, is anxious, or otherwise disconnected from their body etc. We can guide one another through the above casually. We do not need a yoga teacher or meditation teacher or therapist or.... We only need to be breathing ourselves. This is the easiest way to lovingly move ourselves and those around us back into our body. Breathing is incredibly easy to learn; though, we do benefit from some conscious practice because it is a muscle. When this muscle is strong within us we can access extremely deep meditative states quite naturally. Breathing fully can assist those that experience the respiratory discord of COVID-19. A large percentage of our population does not utilize the power of our breath. When we bring consciousness to our breathing, by making diaphragmatic breathing our default state, we reside in our parasympathetic nervous system also known as rest and digest. Parasympathetic – diaphragmatic breathing - is incredibly good for the body, mind and soul. If you have ever breathed deeply, for even a ten minute period, you feel refreshed, invigorated, vital and alert. Breathing this way by default is an amazing gift to give yourself. As we have a virus amongst us that attacks the respiratory system, more than ever, mastering our breath, relaxing our body and mind – particularly if it is under attack – is an important skill to master. The quality of the fight or flight breath is shallow, reverse, heightens cortisol levels, doesn’t allow full oxygen flow and thus, it breaks down the immune system when lived from for regular periods of time. There is also a strong link between cortisol levels and auto-immunity and a myriad of other mystery diseases. We are incapable of feeling the energy warning us of potential harm, warning us to get into fight or

flight when we are only ever in fight or flight. In our world today, individual suffering is dense; numbing out has become a societal norm - running the spectrum of obvious destruction to seemingly healthy practices that only serve to deceive if even from one’s one self. The only way out of fight or flight and back into our natural state of rest and digest is to feel. Feeling comes with deep breathing. Deep breathing moves us into our natural home; the parasympathetic nervous system. Feeling can be incredibly scary in this world and as a result a massive proportion of our society has become comfortable with the shallow breath; despite the incredible loss to vitality and huge limitations to higher self and purpose. When we are brave and breathe deep, we might be uncomfortable in the short-term; however, we will be happier, healthier and more in tune with our unique intuitive genius long-term. The environment and circumstances that we have found ourselves in today is calling upon us to breathe from our parasympathetic nervous system. Not only are we being asked to breathe, but to breathe our deepest fullest breath with the use of our diaphragm. What a gift. Seriously! Some are new to breathing for health. Others feel like we have a handle on breathing deeply because we have been yogis or engaging in spiritual practices for decades (or lifetimes!). However, the real test is how you breathe when you are checking your emails? How about when you pick up texts? Or dive into social media? Observe your partner and friends as well. And your children on their iPads. Are we breathing fully and deeply or with shallowness and shortened breath? Where did our consciousness around breathing go? How did it disappear? Or worse, did it go into reverse breathing when you breathe in from your chest so your belly sucks in? Do you notice how the breath almost stops? When this happens – and it does for most people, most of the time, we move into the sympathetic nervous system and a reaction similar to fight or flight takes over. We must check in and breathe. COVID-19 has stirred our insides up considerably. Many of us have experienced emotional highs and lows over the past month. Many of us have experienced overwhelming fear whether of our own volition or empathetically tuning in to others, which can be equally as disturbing to one’s overall health assuming proper energy boundary management is not in place. Breathing practices that ground and nurture us are incredibly powerful for us always and especially in times when there is so much fear floating around. It is not all bad though. It never is. This virus, like anything that challenges or creates discomfort, can serve as a catalyst for real change, personal growth and societal change for the better. Resistance does allow us to grow. Of course, we can grow in times of no resistance; in fact we often heal tremendously during times of happiness, joy and bliss. That said and personally, these past weeks have provided me the opportunity to release PTSD and insurmountable amounts of grief from life experiences I encountered the past decade ranging from nearly losing my son 17 times due to respiratory issues when he was 18 months – 3 years old, having to choose to abort an incredibly sick fetus at 20 weeks when our son was 2 years old, and struggling with marriage and nearly losing our marriage. Since the flood gates of healing opened a month ago, I have been experiencing lifetimes of caged PTSD and grief falling off of me like water of a fast moving river. Full breathing has been crucial. There have been many blessings from this release; one in particular has been to witness how my release has some-how allowed my son to heal from the trauma he has also carried. Or was it release him from holding that fear with me? The magic sparkle in his eyes is back. It’s like any great therapist says: “Do you and the rest will follow”. I can see my error: Instead of doing my work, I got busy trying to heal my son. When I breathe for me, everyone around me breathes. When we all breathe fully, those around us will too. Stories of individuals helping those in need are filling our inboxes. Crises do give us human beings the opportunity to slow down and move from our hearts rather than our minds. Our job is to remind our friends and loved ones to breathe. When we breathe, we love. Mother Earth is heaving a big sigh of relief too. Pollution over China has decreased dramatically. Dolphins are swimming the channels of Venice, Italy. Ask yourself what vibration you are tuning into. Could this virus be coming with a message? Is COVID- 19 asking us to connect to our intuitive home by breathing deeply and fully into our belly, diaphragms, and ribs? Could this virus be directing us towards a mass spiritual awakening? There is power to heal when conscious diaphragmatic breathing is used. Breathing connects us to our soul and to the parasympathetic nervous system - our immunity increases and our body can work for us. Additionally, this virus does not survive in heat. Hot water and/or ginger assist a person to come into body when not grounded. Consuming either or both hot water and ginger will quickly support a person into moving into the healing breathing that could save their life. We have all seen the statistics, incomplete as they may be - many reading this will not experience the intensity of this virus. Social distancing is helping assure that those who are at risk are protected. We all have parents or other family members and loved ones that do fall into the “at risk” category; I pray that this information on breathing is helpful for those individuals. Further, I pray that this change of pace provides each of us the time to create a stronger breathing practice because the world can only be a better, happier, truer place when we are all more deeply centred in our breath. The Practice: Breathe into your belly, into your diaphragm, then ribs, feel the entire circumference of your torso fill with your breath – prana – and up into your chest. Hold for a beat. Then slowly exhale moving back down through your chest, feel your ribs coming in, diaphragm releasing and tummy becoming hollow. Repeat for one minute and build daily. Pop breathing breaks into the day While cycling your breath, focus on the breath. Do not judge your mind. Do not judge if you are doing it right or wrong. Do not judge. Feel. Feel your breath and follow the cycle above again and again. Feel everything that comes up. Do not allow your mind to run off with any pain, story, fear etc. Keep with the breath. Visualize your body breathing. Feel your body breathing. Focus on all that you love and breathe more and more fully. Endless love, Sarah xxx

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