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Parting of the Trees: Take Shelter

Dear Loves, Happy March 20, 2020: 2020 vision coming through. I know this is an intense time in our world and my hope is to send a little grounding your way. Below is a photo taken by the Epic Ellen Von Unwerth at last summer’s Lotusland Gala.

Captured during a sunny time on my 35th birthday by this icon (whom I met in Paris and who became a dear friend)...we co created beautiful art at Lotusland and hope to continue onward...


Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth

When I asked her if I could use this for my new site, she gave me permission saying:

"Hi Belle, Please do. It is really beautiful. Not because I took it, but you are so gorgeous. Stay safe, give my love to you and family, boyfriend ……" I am humbled and grateful...You and your work are so gorgeous! I am hopefully reflecting her brilliant it is and the beauty she brings to the world.

I am honored to know you Ellen...Thank you!

This amazing woman captured what I am now calling Parting of the Trees But it is really about thinking we are parting And knowing that this new state is to ground us Even deeper in to the roots of Mother Earth

Our state of California has called us into a new state

Shelter in Place

Shelter from the state we have been in

From the Outside world to go Inward

In to the State of Ourselves

Whatever the state you are in?...

Panic? Fear? Desperation? Sadness?

Hope? Faith? Even Excitement to Be?

I have talked with so many in pain and fear and

Also so many in gratitude of this time..

I have experienced both and all sides of this spectrum

...actually all of these states...

Take shelter in the state you are in...whatever that may be.

The only way through it

Is through it.

Let’s Release self judgment on how we are feeling...

There are some helpful tools coming for I spent a lot of my life in self judgment ...

And have so many teachers who helped free me from that state..I want to share with you.

Mother Nature is the teacher that consistently calls me forward

and like Frozen 2…(I KNOW Jenny and Jessica..I can’t let it go:)

“Aaaa ahhhh” Elsa has been channeling through me lately...

I am called back now to the brilliant lyrics of Frozen 2

Music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Performed by Idina Menzel and Evan Rachel Wood

"Show Yourself"


“Show yourself. Step in to your power. Throw yourself in to something new” You are the one you’ve been waiting for all of your life…show yourself … Her mother sings, "Come my darling homeward bound" (This is Elsa's mother? Yes.

And Our Mother too: Mother Earth) "I am found” belts Elsa

So please allow yourself in this new state

Ground yourself to the trees.

They are still here for us.

She has not given up on us yet.

Thank the Earth for holding us.

Our mother calls us home

Mother Earth...we are so grateful for you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What if the "something new" to throw yourself into Doing is Being?

The Dalai Lama said "We are human beings not human doings"

I know I say this on the realms of launching a website (a lot of doing for I allowed higher masters)

This was something I was afraid to do on some level for a long time..

to show myself and step in to my channeling power..

now I pledge to allow whatever is coming through me to be and to express this truth

Show myself to myself and if it can support anyone else along the journey,

I am grateful for that too.

I am not doing this in a state to do or receive anything in return but gratitude for my own platform to be and share where it resonates for anyone “following”

So what comes through now:

The state calls us to

Take Shelter from the storm my beloveds

Know you can still come to me.

You are home

Home to yourself

Home to your mother



I am found...

Show yourself"

To yourself

Anyone who knows me or will get to know me Understands that Lotusland is my safe and creative space My heaven on earth It is officially "closed" today with this new state. But it remains alive in my memories, in my photos..more to share... She is alive through my senses and experiences since childhood, playing in the gardens, receiving Madame’s Wisdom..she cannot be closed to me, for she is in me.

So from the Parting of the seas and the parting of the trees I will stay grounded in my love of Nature In fact the trees are Not really parting They are not leaving you They are keeping us safe, in fact, and we can travel from the fear base in to the light space.. accepting both as our means to grow… In Light of Lotusland And The Divine The ice is melting away Thank you Ellen and Elsa, Love, Belle

Today is dedicated to dear Miraval master connector and my grounding tree, Carolyn Fitzgerald who is my forest fairy and reminded me today that before the butterfly, comes the chrysalis and the liquid stage must be honored (of course I am thinking of my Madame Butterfly wing'd dress in photo above and the two pillars I just zoomed in to Carolyn and Jenny and their beautiful baby butterflies)..

Stay connected to your trees and all the Earth's beautiful elements and when you need, phone a friend (or two.)

Zoom in

Now Zumba'ing out..



One more PS...if this feels right to you..

(This is a channel from the other night that woke me up from sleep on "how to ground" and features Carolyn, my human tree..truly "showing myself" now and it's only day 2.why not?!

So how do you ground??

It is the root chakra that needs a lot of gratitude here

and trust me, grounding is one of my greatest challenges as I have been a bird in flight the last few years flying high..

luckily some practice helps a lot and there are many healers who have helped me here..this was my channeling..

In to the earth I go deep down

Past all the layers

To find my unconditional love quartz crystal that holds me in her pink unconditional love she received from generations of unconditional love before then and keeps tapping back in to that ancient grandmother earth

You're in the earth and feeling held and loved by your mother, being rocked gently and soundly, you say thank you divine mother I feel your support and love

I am being held by you and I know you have me

When you are ready you take her pink radiant light with gratitude and you channel it up through your entire body

Every cell is waking to this unconditional pink rose light

It’s getting golden haloed as it travels up through the layers and up you are bathing in the peace of this feminine divine comfort and love

You are at peace and in balance

you have everything you need to stay calm and collected as you enter the next layer..cracking through the abundant earth and re rooting your self starting with your feet

with love light clarity: you are connected to the earth

you are safe: the pink light has surfaced. As above so below and there is red healing light halo’ing your feet they are strong and stable and.

Your roots are grounding down to receive whatever you need right now

Confidence: you've got this

No problem

Let's keep the grounded down mentality and not escape in to our flighty mind yet from this feeling of security


I see red earth southern clay

(That’s a fun one with your babes: take out some Red clay

And ask them questions: Is it a little chalky ?is it dry? what happens when it gets wet?Is it mud? there must be a lotus around the corner, darling..

now you are grounding down

Around your toes: is there a sensation? the pleasure?

You are held in love light security

If this hasn't tapped in and you'renot grounded yet..go outside Ground outside and seriously hug tree: literally I do it many times a day..used to be mostly trees:)

(Carolyn if I could right now, I would hug you Mother Nature..

I just go to the tree and send all my love for her through the roots I know she will feel and all the love I sent and was supported in receiving from Divine Mother) Thank you...

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