About Me

Who am I? Why am I here?

Well, I am on the internet because my boyfriend is a tech genius and I have women who believe in me and encouraged this passion to come through. I have received writing downloads most of my life, and watched my mother write all day long “gossiping to herself” and so this is to honor some of her brave new world wisdom.

I want to record her much needed voice in this time of grief as she is “determined to keep my spirits high” and serves as my inspiration. That Southern Belle who never gives up.. (Thank you Ms Witherspoon for your “Whiskey in a Teacup”) 

I hope that I can spread some light in this time of darkness. That I can bring light to the social as “SocialLight”

when we are all missing human connection: the most valuable light there is, 

along with Faith. 

Where did I grow up?

Born in New York’s Upper East Side with a beloved art dealer father and a very spiritual and outrageous “socialite” mother, we moved to Montecito after my mother’s dream of African landscape called “Montecito.” In her Southern drawl, she told my Hungarian father: “we are moving to Montecito, Africa.” 

“Whaaat?” He asked.

She had answers. Her dream, realized, was Montecito, California, and we moved: 6 year old me, 4 year old sister Lily and our parents to Montecito, down the road from sacred Lotusland (which I feel was the landscape of her moving dreams).

I was a child of the garden, educated in flower names and in Spiritual downloads and art history on my walls. My mother was Episcopalian but a Southern (Re)Belle I would say..so she was open to the Buddah and incense and psychics.

My parents divorced when I was 7ish…My mother’s mother was dying in the South simultaneously and her dying words were  

“Those girls need roots In clay not shale..bring them home to the South.”

So off to Augusta, Georgia (my mother’s home town)…and Beyond we go...

The trifecta of traveling back and forth from Upper East Side Manhattan, California dreaming, and the Deep South made for a diverse education. Not to mention every school we could discover on that path (private, public, home, hippie, the church one lasted only a couple days but we tried it (when the ruler came out we were out..)

We also lived on a farm in North Carolina (moved there when my mother fell in love with a dog and we stayed after going to pick up this heavenly creature, Lola)

...with more horses, dogs, goats, chickens and human characters that anyone could imagine or may ever believe. 

Nature was my refuge and still is, though I have been known as a girl who loves the city and fashion and art and parties and people! And a love of learning from all those school systems to Sarah Lawrence College, I just want to learn from the world and those that inhabit our Earth..  So when faced with all these truths that made me "who I’ve become”..I wanted to face them further and spread light..

Today in March 2020:

I am now a 35 year old mother of 2 cherubs (4 year old Colette and 7 year old Felix), I live in Santa Barbara…co raising our children.  “Consciously Uncoupled"  and still close to the family I have through my "ex-husband” (want to rename that..partner of growth?) (whom I met at 18, and so I truly grew up with him and his amazing family.) In our divorce (also a term I would love to rename "a successful marriage that didn’t last” thank you to friend David Downton)...we have navigated those challenging waters with a lot of mutual respect. I am beyond grateful for this: for it served all.

My women have paved the way for my growth. From my sisterhood with Lily, Liz and Rose to my best friend in high school Kristi I met at 14 to soul mate Abigail that I met 10 years later, (who introduced me to my first web of women that helped me reclaim myself)…

my faith in the power of women’s connections is unwavering now. With this rebuilt foundation, after Many years struggling with female relationships, I have met connections all over the world through Universal synchronicities and I can’t not believe. The power of women led me to co-write a script this past year with two of my dearest friends and brilliant writers, Jenny and Jessica. I am forever grateful for these women and this tribe of spiritual mamas that lead my way.

I have 3 older “half" siblings whom I love dearly even though we feel worlds apart...their children were my first babies: I have 5 nieces and 2 nephews. And I wish I saw them all more as there is deep deep love… this virus has been a reminder of the importance of family and loved ones I don’t see enough of…more room for growth.

Madame Ganna Walska of Lotusland is a guru for me and wrote "Always Room at the Top"...Always working on my own inner growth and a source of inspiration for me throughout this blog and always in my writing downloads. 

I met someone 11 months ago,  who happens to be my neighbor (convenient at this time..thank you Universe)…and I am falling deeper every day. Jim the Gem.

I have traveled a lot, from cross country road trips to Paris couture fashion week to Bali…and have a strongly rooted love of people and cultures all across the world.

I have been to India twice with my yoga teacher and Light, Siddhi, who holds me accountable in her German genius: she can cut through any of my BS. (Bulls shit and as my mother calls it “blame and shame”)

I have been known to sleep in 5 Star hotels but I happened to love Ms Bandari’s hotel in India for 8 dollars a night on a mat on the floor more than any other hotel. I have stayed in ashrams and cried my eyes out with people in India that I have just met, and so don’t always love the title I have received as I felt it limited me 

(but I have mostly shown that side of myself in this community so I understand...)

Often labeled “socialite”, for my love of galas and dress up and beauty, I decided to reclaim the label with Social Light. And here we are, on the internet, during a time of death, fear, sadness, devastation.. I hope to be a source of healing by spreading other healers’ names that got me through some heavy trauma. 

I want to share my mother’s voice which is still very much alive and thriving even if we are physically separated. People think she’s hilarious (Beyond words), so I am hoping to spread some laughter. I know the pain we are all in. I have personally been through trauma and pain that I am happy to share if it serves and also don’t need to if it does not.

It has been an intense ride, so I KNOW I believe in myself and in all of us to continue to be light in a time of dark. We must have faith in ourselves and each other to go through it. As this pain may trigger past pain in ourselves, my “web" site will be weaving spiritual leaders’ links and things to do for yourself at this time…and with your children, our greatest teachers.

I am a fiercely hopeful woman of faith and belief that we will all get through this together. That even if physically alone, we share so much: Lovers of People, Nature, Beauty, Spirit…Unite and read on if it resonates. 

In Divine Light and Love,